The Urban Max Tower adopts Aeroponic technology. The cultivating power tower features convenient and easy to assemble planting baskets. Each basket is feed nutrient directly through a drip system that flows from the top of the tower to each pod. The root system of each plant is kept consistantly wet through a fogger system at each level of the planters.

Urban Max Grow Tower

وحدة SKU: MAX001
    • Can be used to grow  flowers, vegetables, salad, herbs and fruits.    
    • The water circulation cultivation, saving 90% water compared with traditional planting.    
    • Pollution free soilless cultivation, water and nutrient solution is necessary .   
    • Easy to assemble.    
    •  Multiple vertical planting systems can be connected to achieve planting the most quantity in the same area.    
  • Size 420 x 420 x 1680mm

    Water pump: 240V Aquapump 

    Water tank: 30L

    Plant capacity: 80 plants 

    Packaging: 500 x 500 x 580mm 

    Weight: 10KG