This revolutionary series of LED grow lights will produce the biggest and best yields for all types of plants, while consuming approximately half the electricity of its HID counterpart and producing virtually no heat. Your Kind LED Grow Light will cultivate record breaking yields, both in quantity and quality, while running quieter, cooler, and more efficiently than any other grow light. GUARANTEED.


LED Technology offers undeniable advantages over outdated, traditional grow lighting fixtures, including…
40% less electricity to operate without sacrificing yield, while increasing harvest quality. Cutting your power bill in half guarantees a return on the cost of the fixture in less than a year of growing.


50,000 Hour Lifespan that lasts 5x longer than traditional bulbs, means you have less maintenance and more growing without a drop in quality of light. Little to no heat reduces need for cooling components, leading to additional cost savings and simplified setup.

Kind LED Grow Lights- Hydroponics and Aquaponics