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Thinking outside the box for remote learning

With term 2 commencing via remote learning this week, and we are looking down the barrel of the entire of term two being remote, parents are going to be looking for fun, educational and ongoing learning for kids. Schools and government are doing their very best to support families in remote learning, but complete online schooling is going to cause a lot of problems for our children. Hours and hours of screen time is harmful to young eyes, developing brains and learning motivation. Parents are working, looking after younger siblings, supporting aging parents and trying to facilitate children’s learning. Many families have children across different age ranges, making parents time stretched even further. What Urban Green Farms provides are hands on science based STEM tasks, which can be used consequently across various age ranges, to support parents and flexibility in schooling.

The classroom environment cannot be replicated at home, and it’s time we support parents to think outside the box in terms of remote learning. With so many changes going on around them, children are becoming more and more inquisitive about the world and how their place in the world can make a difference.

Urban Green Farms is leading the way to help children develop a sense of their place in the world by providing a well-supported program for parents to run an aquaponics set up in their homes. Included in this package, since the shutdown of schools, is an easy to follow and in-depth STEM education program. This program covers age ranges from pre-school to high school and can be run simultaneously for children in the one family from different year levels. Not only will children learn about lifecycles, biology, plant growth, nutrient exchanges, water values, different ways to grow foods, they will also get to ‘harvest’ and cook with the produce they grown. All beautifully presented in the one package that will continue to provide learning for the entire term and beyond.

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