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How Important is Science Education in Schools?

تم التحديث: 10 أبريل 2020

We are increasingly being exposed to science and technology more and more every day. Children today are working with technology their parents didn't even dream about, and the jobs they will get in the future don't even have a description in the present day. Therefore it is vital that our education system equips students with the resources, skills and thirst for science based industries.

As children grow up in an scientifically advancing world, with technology exploding around them, our science educational resources need to be developing at the same rate. Children should be growing more scientifically literate and questioning the world around them. For children to succeed in this rapidly evolving space, and move into science based jobs, it is essential they have a deep understanding and an even deeper curiosity about science and technology.

Ideally we want to teach our children to think, to learn, to question, to problem solve, to make informed decisions and to take risks. We want our children to be resilient and to take chances in their learning. The innovation needed to be scientifically progessive is learnt in the younger years, in the classroom and in the home. Science education Australia is a partnership, between facilities, educators, students, family and also outside resources to support in the learning. Teachers are vital for students learning but they need the support of industry leaders to take the time, provide the resources and support the learning, so our children can pioneer in the technology and science based jobs.

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