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Why we need to teach sustainability in classrooms using Aquaponics!

Teachers are always interested in gaining new ideas on how to engage students through significant or authentic learning situations.

Many teachers endorse the incorporation of sustainability education into learning and teaching because it is fun, engaging and empowering for their students. The natural environment can be seen as the backdrop to daily life whizzing by as we go from home to school. It can also provide students of all ages with real-life learning.

Every school is located in an ecosystem; a ready-made, complex world ripe for discovery, exploration, enquiry, documentation, communication and understanding. We draw upon a wide range of skills and knowledge from a range of disciplines – these are naturally combined when education for sustainability is integrated into the curriculum.

Learning content

  • Including significant global challenges in teaching content

Learning environments

  • Creating and using inspiring learning environments that motivate students to take action for sustainability

  • Student-centred and action-based learning programs for students

Learning outcomes

  • Working collaboratively

  • Competencies of critical thinking, systems thinking

  • Creativity and innovation

  • Taking responsibility within and across generations

Transforming society

  • Empowering students of all ages to transform themselves and their communities

  • Empowering young people to be global citizens

Source: https://sustainabilityinschools.edu.au/classroom

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