The Urbipod GArden

The Urbipod Garden is a mini Hydroponic garden that is perfect for your home, office or classroom. It features several unique design elements, including a central water bottling system that is easy to refill and manage. The lighting fixture moves up and down to allow lighting requirements to change as your plants grow. The plug and play features an automatic timer that is set to 16 hours on and 8 hours off.


Make exciting and fresh meals to serve for the entire family every time. This home gardening kit helps you grow fresh herbs, salads, microgreens, flowering plants, even cherry tomatoes indoors. With its clever irrigation and nutrient application system, it delivers the right amount of natural plant food for healthy and sustained plant growth. And using the latest lighting technology, the automated energy-efficient LED system mimics sunlight and provides the ideal environment that can deliver plant growth up to three times faster than outdoors. Enjoy homegrown produce all year-round with this UrbiPod starter kit.

How big is the Urbipod and what does it come with?

4 x Pods

4 x False floor

4 x Short wicks (inserted in False floor)

4 x Long wicks (inserted in UrbiPod base)

4 x Round wicking discs

1 x Power adapter (inserted)

1 x Water bottle inserted into bottle holder and tower.

1 x Adjustable LED light halo fitted to tower

1 x Reservoir base with fitted tower

1 x 250ml Nutrient bottle

5 x Coir discs 5

Seed packs  2 x Cress • 1 x Rocket • 1 x Basil • 1 x Parsley

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